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The Best Wire Remote Amp of 2022: Our Top 5 Picks

If you’re fitting an amplifier in your car or home, you’ll need the right set of wires for the job. A flimsy set of wires might cause loose connections, power surges, and might even cause damage to your speakers.

For this reason, choosing the right set of wires is an important factor in setting up your amplifier correctly. If you do not want to go through the hassle of selecting the right wire, you can check out this article about how to choose the best wireless amplifier.

In this article we give you our top 5 picks for the best wires you can choose when it comes to wiring an amp.

Quick Guide

In a hurry? Based on their best characteristics, here is a quick look at the five options on this list so that you can pick the right one based on your needs.

Best Budget: Audiopipe Wire Car Auto Power Cable

“Perfect, used as my remote wire for my amps and for my reverse signal wire for my backup camera. Just bought another one to complete my sound system and to install a voltage meter in my car as well”

Best in Thickness: Best Connections Primary Cable Wire

“I purchased this to use for installing things in my car. I liked it right away because it appears to have quality insulation, and it is highly flexible. This means that it can be easily snaked around. Being soft and flexible means it does not put a lot of strain on the item to which it is attached — this makes it very versatile.”

Best Splurge: TopStrongGear Speaker Wire and Remote Wire

“I’m very happy with this heavy cable. It’s a very well made cable. I would let other customers know this is a fully protected cable and you feel comfortable in using this.”

Best for Larger Projects: InstallGear Primary Remote Wire

“It arrived quickly and the quality of wire is excellent. I used it for the sprinkler system outside and so far have no issue with it. I will order it again for a future home project.”

Best in Versatility: Sydien 18 Gauge Car Audio Remote Wire

“Everything arrived as stated in the description. All high quality. Well packaged. Fast delivery. Wire works perfectly.”

1. Audiopipe Wire Car Auto Power Cable

Made out of aluminum and copper, this wire from Audiopipe is 50 feet in length – more than enough to satisfy your wiring needs if length is your concern! If you’re finishing up your car with a quality sound system, this wire will serve you well.

The wire is 18 gauge, making it somewhat thin in width. However, this should not affect the wire’s performance when it comes to setting up your amplifiers. The wire comes in a blue color, is rolled up, and is shipped in a poly bag.

One issue that verified users have had with this product is that the wire can be delicate to use. Be sure to avoid running the wire over sharp edges to get the best possible results.


  • Brand: Audiopipe
  • Color: Blue
  • Length: 50 feet
  • Gauge: 18
  • Material: Aluminum and Copper
  • Package dimensions: 6.14 x 4.29 x 2.2 inches
  • Item weight: 1.1 pounds


  • 50 feet long, long enough for all your car or home wirings
  • 18 gauge, is suitable for setting up home electronics
  • Aluminum and copper construction for proper conduction


  • The wire is delicate and might not work properly under rough conditions
  • Will need a fuse if connected to a head unit


2. Best Connections Primary Cable Wire

Available in a similar blue color, this wire differs in width compared to the previous option. The wire comes in a 12 gauge design, making it thicker than the Audiopipe option. You also get 50 feet of length and a copper and aluminum construction with the wire.

The Best Connections wire is rated for all connections between 6 volts to 80 volts. This means you won’t have any issue using this cable to connect both your home and car electronics. However, depending on your needs, the thickness might be an issue for some.

12 gauge wire is quite thick, and if you do not have enough space for the electronics in your car, you might want to go for a thinner option. Some verified customers have claimed that the wire is good for connections but is quite thick for their taste. Some signs of corrosion have also been noticed when the wire was used for a few years.


  • Brand: Best Connections
  • Color: Blue
  • Length: 50 feet
  • Gauge: 12
  • Material: Aluminum and Copper
  • Package dimensions: 4 x 4 x 1.4 inches
  • Item weight: 11.2 ounces


  • At 12 gauge, it is very thick and strong for all types of connections
  • 6 volt to 80 volt connections can be handled well, making the wire very versatile
  • 50 feet of length will fit most of your home or car connections


  • Might be too thick for your space
  • Might show signs of corrosion over long term use


3. TopStrongGear Speaker Wire and Remote Wire

If budget is not an issue and you want something of the best quality, this product from TopStrongGear comes with an 18 gauge design and 9 cable strands inside, giving this design a premium feel. However, only 20 feet of the wire is available per package, so you might have to order more than one unit for your connection needs.

This product is perfect for the 4 channel amps typically used in auto sound systems. The cables are professional grade and are covered with an ultra-flex frosted PVC jacket. This gives the wires greater flexibility and makes them immune to everyday wear and tear.

Unlike other options on the list, the cable is also full specification AWG (American Wire Gauge). The colors of all the 9 wires are coded to match the aftermarket standard for wiring. This makes setting up connections quite convenient.

The TooStrongGear wire is also rated at 36 volts.

Despite these great qualities, this model is still only an 18 gauge wire. Some verified customers have claimed that it was quite thin despite having 9 cables.


  • Brand: TopStrongGear
  • Color: Blue
  • Length: 20 feet
  • Gauge: 18
  • Material: Copper
  • Package dimensions: 9.09 x 8.11 x 2.56 inches
  • Item weight: 1.96 pounds


  • 9 different cables, all color coded for aftermarket standard of wiring
  • Full specification American Wire Gauge
  • Easy installation and high resistance to wear and tear due to the ultra-flex PVC jacket
  • Perfect for 4 channel installations


  • On the expensive side of the list
  • Only 20 feet in length, might need multiple packages to complete your installations


4. InstallGear Primary Remote Wire

Picking up this product from InstallGear would mean that you probably won’t need to purchase any more wire for the foreseeable future. This is because the wiring comes in a whopping 100 feet of length – most likely more than enough for your present and future projects.

The 14 gauge wire comes in an oxygen free copper (OFC) construction making it a better conductor than aluminum. The copper is also more resistant to expansion and contraction in the presence of heat. The 14 gauge size is thicker, and less fragile, than an 18 gauge wire. The added area also reduces the resistance and allows a higher current load to flow.

The coating on the wire is made out of a rugged but flexible PVC jacket. This means that the wire can easily be used in a variety of environments with a reduced risk of superficial damage. Routing can be carried out quite easily.

The colored wire also comes with a polarity identifier to make connections safer and easier. One problem users have noticed with this product is that the jacket is slightly thinner than what you’d find on competing brands. However, this should not be an issue if you set up your amplifier in a place where the wire will not encounter a lot of wear and tear.


  • Brand: InstallGear
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 100 feet
  • Gauge: 14
  • Material: Copper
  • Package dimensions: 4.6 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Item weight: 1.9 pounds


  • 100 feet of wiring for multiple projects
  • Flexible PVC jacket for better routing and easier installation
  • Polarity identifier to make connections safer
  • Oxygen free copper construction of the wires makes conduction better


  • PVC coated jacket is thinner than other brands
  • 100 feet might be unnecessary if you’re not looking for a lot of wiring


5. Sydien 18 Gauge Car Audio Remote Wire

This product from Sydien comes in an 18 gauge design, making it thinner than some of the other options on the list, but can still be a great fit for amplifier and speaker systems. As an added feature, the package not only comes with the wire but also with 10 U-shaped terminals and 1 push-pull switch for a complete fitting experience.

The wire is 33 feet in length, which makes it a good fit not just for automotive fittings but also for home theater connections. The wire is made out of copper and covered with a PVC jacket. The copper construction of the wire ensures a strong connection which, in turn, means better sound quality for you.

While the package comes with multiple devices that adds to its versatility, one problem that customers have had with the product is the 18 gauge thickness. If you’re looking for a thicker wire, you might want to consider another option on the list.


  • Brand: Sydien
  • Color: Blue
  • Length: 33 feet
  • Gauge: 18
  • Material: Copper
  • Package dimensions: 3.86 x 3.7 x 0.71 inches
  • Item weight: 6.38 ounces


  • Package comes with U-shaped terminals and push-pull switch for a more complete experience
  • High quality copper is used in making the wire
  • Can be used in auto, truck, solar, and marine settings
  • Versatile in use for both car audio and home theater environments


  • Not thick enough for everyone’s taste
  • U-shape terminals might not be of the best quality



What is a wire gauge? 

The gauge of a wire is a measure of its thickness. The larger the gauge, the thinner the wire. For example, a 12 gauge wire is much thicker than an 18 gauge wire.

How to select the right gauge?

The gauge of a wire should be determined by the amount of current you are pushing to your amplifier and speakers. Speakers usually need thinner wires than subwoofers do. Depending on the amount of power your speakers take, they might need 18, 16, or 14 gauge wires.

Similarly, for subwoofers, you might need 16, 14, or 12 gauge wires. The higher the amount of power you’re sending to your speakers, the lower the wire gauge should be. To be sure you are getting the most out of your amp wire, always check for manufacturer recommendations.

How long should the wire for my car setup be?

The wire for your car audio setup should usually be around 20 feet in length. It needs to go through the battery, firewall, and body, all the way to the amp. However, this will depend on the car itself – large trucks or SUVs will need a much bigger length of wire than small hatchbacks.

The Bottom Line

Wiring your amplifier for your car audio or your home setup can be an easy task, but you do need to choose the right wiring for the task. Depending upon the power you’re sending to your speakers and subwoofers and depending on the size of your car, you will need to pick the appropriate wire gauge and length.

We hope that this article has helped you make an informed decision in selecting the best wire remote amp product. If working with wires is not your thing, then you can try your luck with our article on the best portable amplifiers.

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