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The Best 5 Channel Amplifier for You in 2022: 5 Options

If you want an enhanced sound quality in your living room, office, or car, a 5 channel amplifier can power four speakers and a subwoofer with just one amplifier. This will give you the correct highs and lows of every song you’re listening to along with the bass you need for the best possible audio quality.

A number of 5 channel amplifiers also come with bridging capabilities. This means that multiple channels can be combined together to send more power per speaker. To learn more about this, read this article on how to bridge an amplifier.

There are a large number of options available on the market. We have put in the research and narrowed them down to five options for the best 5 channel amplifier for your needs.

Quick Guide

In a hurry? Based on their best characteristics, here is a list of our top options on this list.

Best Overall: Rockville dB55 5 Channel Car Amplifier

“I wasn’t sure about this amp but got it anyway. It surpassed my expectations by far! It handles everything you throw at it. It’s a very clear sound with plenty of umph! I have had this in my car for 3 days now and about 7 hours of playback and it doesn’t even get hot.”

Best Alternative: Kicker 5 Channel Car Amplifier

“This is a quality amp with clean power. Simple install with different mounting options. The big plus for me was it is a 5 channel amp so I could run my system with one amp instead of two.”

Best Budget: Boss Audio Systems PV3370 Car Amplifier

“This amp freakin rocks! I have it in a Toyota Camry, and it’s pushing 6.5″ front speakers, 6×9″ rear speakers and a 12″ sub, and it’s never come even close to overheating or cutting out. It’s stupid loud, which is what my teenagers wanted.”

Best for Compact Design: Skar Audio Compact 5 Channel Car Amplifier

“I have to be honest, as someone who used to install car audio professionally, I was skeptical of class D amps, the small size and the unbelievable price. I decided to take a chance because I needed something that would fit when I see my front seat. I’m blown away by the sound this thing pumps out!”

Best Splurge: NVX Full Range Class D Car Amplifier

“This amp is a little footprint powerhouse. I have it paired with the Nvx 10 farad Capacitor pushing two NVX Vcw124’s and let me tell you. This thing will shake other people’s vehicles at stop lights without question, and destroy your own vehicle. If you like blurry vision and the cleanest sounding bass for less than a fortune, this amp is definitely the way to go. Couldn’t be happier.”

1.Boss Audio Systems PV3370 Car Amplifier

This 5 channel amplifier is built for cars and comes with 3700 Watts of power. With a bridged system at 4 ohms, you will get a 1100 Watt of max power, giving your speakers all the juice they need to perform at their best. The amplifier comes in a full range design, which gives you the option to plug in the speakers and the subwoofer in your car.

If you travel a lot for work and you need the music in your car to be loud and clear, this amplifier can be an excellent pick. Another benefit of the amplifier is the MOSFET power supply, which can let you control the precise output voltage and current, thereby preventing secondary feedback circuitry.

Not everyone likes a high bass setting, especially if you’re not into heavier genres of music. Even though the amplifier can be connected to your subwoofer, you get a variable bass boost that lets you control exactly how much bass you need.

The amplifier also comes with a 6-year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty, so that you can have the peace of mind when it comes to installing and using it. The 5 channel amplifier also comes with a Class AB design, which strikes the perfect balance between both power efficiency and high audio quality.

Some problems that verified customers have reported with this product is that it can be slightly complicated to install. Since it is a car amplifier, you might need professional help to install it correctly. The absence of a user manual in the package makes it more difficult to install, adjust, and use.


  • Brand: Boss
  • Color: Black and red
  • Product dimensions: 17 x 10.3 x 2.3 inches
  • Item weight: 12.5 pounds
  • Peak output: 3700 watts


  • AB type amplifier design that offers great power efficiency without compromising on sound
  • Variable bass boost lets you choose how much bass your subwoofer should put out
  • 6 year online dealer warranty for a better customer experience
  • MOSFET power supply to avoid secondary feedback


  • Installation can be complicated and might need to be carried out by a professional
  • No user manual included in the package, making adjustments difficult


2. Rockville dB55 5 Channel Car Amplifier

With the amplifier itself, a bass remote, and a birth sheet with the tested power all included within the package, the Rockville dB55 amplifier comes with a 4000 Watt max power. Like the previous option, the amplifier also comes with a MOSFET power supply, which results in reducing losses, consuming less power, and having a higher speed of communication compared to other types of amps.

The power ratings on this amplifier are CEA compliant. This means that the distortion present at full capacity will be less than 1%. You can also compare these ratings with other brands like Fosgate and Rockford.

Keeping the amplifier and speakers safe from fluctuating voltage is an important aspect of high-quality electronics. For this reason, this Rockville product comes with protection from under-voltage at 10 Volts and over-voltage at 16 volts. Another protective measure included with the amplifier is a full IC controlled protection circuitry.

Switching base levels is also easy with this product with its fully adjustable 12dB bass equalizer. You can change the settings based on the kind of music you’re listening to, or turn it all the way down if you’re listening to a podcast in your car.

However, some verified customers have claimed that their surge protectors have tripped if the amplifier was set up under glass where it could heat up with sunlight directly. Even without the direct sunlight, you might notice that the amp tends to get hot when played at loud sounds for extended periods of time.


  • Brand: Rockville
  • Color: Black and blue
  • Product dimensions: 3 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Item weight: 10.75 pounds
  • Peak output: 4000 watts
  • Voltage: 8 volts


  • MOSFET power supply uses less power and has a higher communication speed
  • Protection from under-voltage and over-voltage
  • Fully adjustable 12 dB bass equalizer for easier adjustment
  • Distortion levels of less than 1%, making it CEA compliant


  • Tends to run hot if played for extended periods of time
  • Should not be set up under direct sunlight


3. Skar Audio Compact 5 Channel Car Amplifier

If you do not have a lot of space in your car and you’re looking for something small to fit in it, this product by Skar can be a great choice for you. With a compact design, the amplifier comes with a Class D categorization and 5 channels that can easily accommodate the speakers and subwoofer in your car.

Class D amplifiers are essentially digital amplifiers. This means that they use a lot less power and space, making them a great option for small cars. The reason why Class D amplifiers are not more mainstream is because they do not have the power outputs of Class AB amps (for example, the product from Boss audio mentioned on this list).

The amplifier operates at a voltage of 14.4 volts and uses an ultra compact MOSFET power supply to squeeze more output from the available power. The amplifier also comes with a 4-way protection circuitry, ensuring that there is no damage to the amplifier or the speakers when the car is being started.

The Skar product also features a remote bass knob that you can use to change the amount of bass being produced by the subwoofer. The cable for the amplifier and the speaker output adapter are both included with the package, making it easier for you to install it.

Customers have noted that the amplifier is extremely powerful despite its compact size, does not overheat, and displays almost no distortion. However, there are some disadvantages that come with smaller amps. The bass control knob comes with a headphone jack connection to save up on space, and it is difficult to determine the crossover point on which your overall system is set.


  • Brand: Skar
  • Color: Black
  • Product dimensions: 17.25 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Item weight: 4.54 pounds
  • Peak output: 900 watts
  • Voltage: 14.1 volts


  • Compact size makes for easy installation in small cars
  • Provides a high output and loud music despite the small size of the chassis
  • MOSFET power supply makes for more efficient use of power and a better sound quality
  • Class D design uses digital amplification for better audio quality


  • Bass control knob comes with a headphone jack to save space
  • Can be difficult to tell which crossover point is set, as there is no indicator on the amplifier


4. NVX Full Range Class D Car Amplifier

With a peak power of 2200 watts, this Class D amplifier is certainly not the most powerful option on the list. However, the Class D design on the amp along with its power efficiency makes it quite loud, as is evident from customer reviews.

This amplifier from NVX is another compact option for you if you’re looking for a small, loud amplifier. However, compared to the product from Skar, it is more expensive. If you’re working with a smaller budget, you might want to pick the Skar product for a more compact car.

However, the bigger price tag of the amplifier does come with a number of features. Because of the marine certification on the circuit board of the amp, you can basically fit it anywhere. Cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs, and boats are all compatible with this amplifier.

Other features include a heavy duty aluminum alloy heat sink to facilitate better temperatures and heat dissipation, platinum-plated RCA level inputs for more reliable communication, and platinum-plated screw terminals for stronger connections. An LED indicator on the amplifier also lets you check your current settings.

There are some issues that come with the size of the amp, and a number of verified customers have claimed that the amplifier is difficult to set up. You might have to remove the bracket from the amplifier first before you screw it in. Despite the high quality heat sink, the amplifier does run slightly warm.


  • Brand: NVX
  • Color: Black and white
  • Product dimensions: 12 x 7.2 x 2 inches
  • Item weight: 8.42 pounds
  • Peak output: 2200 watts


  • Aluminum alloy heat sink for proper dissipation and management of heat
  • LED indicator on the amp displays the current settings
  • Platinum-plated screw terminals and RCA level inputs for stronger connections
  • Compact design with marine certification that makes for versatile use


  • Not for people working on a budget because of higher price
  • Might run slightly hot due to small size
  • Installation can be difficult due to some design issues


5. Kicker 5 Channel Car Amplifier

Focusing on both power efficiency and excellent sound quality, this product from Kicker comes with a Class AB design, giving you full range channels. This means that the highs, lows, and bass quality will all be at its best with this amplifier.

The interesting thing about the amplifier is that it also includes a Class D bass channel within the system. This lets you run an entire system on just one amp channel. Since Class AB is used, the amp can have a three second on/off delay to ensure that there is no interference in the sound quality.

The amp also achieves the best possible sound quality by using variable 12 dB crossover controls. The max power of 1320 watts also gives you a loud, rich sound for all music and other types of audio in your car.

For fans of heavier music like hard rock or heavy metal, a 6 dB variable bass boost from KickEQ provides clear low frequency sounds without compromising on the audio quality or causing distortion. The 5 channel amp also lets you connect your four door speakers and a subwoofer easily for a proper surround sound experience.

A number of people compare this product from Kicker to the Rockville product. Some verified customers have reported that while the Rockville product sounds good, some notes can be slightly muted, which is not a problem with this Kicker amplifier.

However, there are some complaints with the Kicker product as well. The amp comes with a protection light on it in case it gets too hot, and some customers have claimed that the light comes on even when the amp is just slightly warm. Some heating issues have also been noticed.


  • Brand: NVX
  • Color: Black and silver
  • Product dimensions: 2 x 17 x 5.9 inches
  • Item weight: 8.3 pounds
  • Peak output: 1320 watts
  • Voltage: 40 volts


  • Mounting styles are quite versatile with the amp because of the presence of both vertical and horizontal mounting hardware with the package
  • Variable 12 dB crossover gives you more control over exactly how you want your music to sound
  • KickEQ 6 dB variable bass boost is a good option for people into heavier types of music
  • Interference can be completely prevented because of a three second on/off delay


  • Might run slightly hot
  • Protection light might go on before the amplifier gets too hot


The Bottom Line

Picking out the right 5 channel amplifier for your car (or other vehicles) can be a difficult task because of the number of options available today. Based on the kind of sound quality someone wants, the amount of space available in their car, and the money they’re willing to spend, there is a different option for everyone.

We hope that this buying guide has helped you pick out the best 5 channel amplifier for your needs. If you’re a heavy metal fan who wants the highest bass levels in their car, you can check out this article about the best car amplifiers for bass. Check out the other articles, reviews, and buying guides on Amplifier Zone for more information as well!

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