how to remove humming noise from amplifier

Tips on How to Remove the Humming Noise from an Amplifier

Connecting your audio devices to an amplifier allows you to create a better audio experience using your speakers. At times, a humming noise or loud buzz from your amplifier can interfere with the audio quality and your overall enjoyment.

There could be various reasons for this humming noise coming out of your amplifier. We’ll explore them here and help you with tips on how to remove the humming noise from an amplifier.

How an Amplifier Works

If you have an audio device such as a phone, radio, or musical instrument, you may want to produce a much louder sound that these devices can produce on their own. Here is when an amplifier comes in.

An amplifier is a device that takes the low voltage signal from an audio voice and increases it so that it can be transmitted to speakers for a louder sound.

The setup described above involves multiple devices and connections, and this brings us to the issue of unwanted noise. Any of these connections and devices could be the cause of the sound.

Causes of a Humming Noise in an Amplifier and How to Fix It

The annoying noises from your amplifier could be caused by the connection cables and wires, the audio device, or the amplifier. Let’s examine each of these potential causes and then look at how you can stop the amp hum once and for all and improve your sound quality.

Improperly Connected Cable

The causes of a humming amplifier may be minor or significant. It could be that you have not plugged in the wires connecting the various devices properly. These can include the audio cable, guitar cord, etc.

If you hear a hum from your amplifier, there’s an easy fix if this is caused by how you plugged your cables in. When you are wondering how to stop the humming noise from an amplifier with improperly connected cables, read on.

You can disconnect and reconnect the cables to see if there is any change in the sound coming from your amp. This is something you should try before looking into the more involved solutions.

Defective Cable

The problem could be as a result of defective cables. When the internal wires in the connection cables are damaged either by normal wear and tear or misuse, this can create a humming sound from the amplifiers. It could also be that you are using cheaper and lower quality cables. 

You may not be able to identify this issue without doing a process of elimination and trying out different cables. Once you have found out that your cables are defective, this is an easy problem to deal with. You can either replace your cables with new high-quality ones.

Another possible fix you might want to try is using ferrite chokes or a ferrite noise suppressor sleeve. These can reduce the frequency in the cables when you attach them to your cables.

how to remove humming noise from amplifier

Ground Loops

A ground loop might occur when you connect the amplifier to the power source, sound equipment, and speakers. There might be a voltage difference between two pieces of equipment–the amp and the speaker.

When there is a difference in the amount of electricity flowing between the amp and the speaker, which are connected by a wire cable, this voltage difference creates a ground loop. When this happens, electricity flows along the wrong pathway, resulting in an annoying humming noise.

Unbalanced Signals

Another cause of the dreaded humming noise is when the output device producing the sound is at a higher signal than the input device, which is the amplifier. When this happens, the signal is not balanced, resulting in a humming audio noise.

To resolve this issue, you need to use a resistor with the sound source. It is essential that you find one with a capacity that is less than that of the power of this sound source. The resistor must be connected to the sound source board and the wire cable from the output.

Amplifier Problem

As you have seen, there are a number of potential causes of humming amplifiers. If you have tried to eliminate each of the causes listed here and your amp is still humming, the issue could be with the amp itself.

One of the possible issues is that the capacitors of the amp have become defective. If this is the case, you are going to need to talk to an expert. 

It’s worth noting that if you are looking for an amplifier, it is always better to look for a high-quality one. There are different types of amplifiers, so it is also essential that you find one that matches your intended purposes. 

Find Expert Help on How to Remove the Humming Noise from an Amplifier

It is not always easy to find out why your amplifier is producing this extra noise. Unless you are a sound or electrical engineer and have a lot of experience working with amps, you may not know where to start.

All the potential causes of odd noises from the amp outlined here can give you a roadmap of what to look for. If there is an electrical problem or something wrong with one of the devices, you are probably going to need to talk with an expert.

The benefit of getting professional help for major amplifier problems is that an expert can pinpoint the issue much quicker. They also have the experience and know-how to fix it. 

When you try to fix some electrical problems without knowledge, you might end up causing damage to your audio equipment, including amp, sound device, speaker, or connection or power cable.


The humming type of noise coming from an amplifier can easily ruin the sound experience you are trying to create. There could be any number of causes of this sound, so the best way to identify the issue is through a process of elimination.

Some common causes of amp humming include poor cable connections, unmatched signal, defective cables or amplifiers, and ground loop. We covered how to remove the humming noise from an amplifier. You can do some of these on your own, but many times, you might need to seek out an expert.

We also discussed how you may need new cables. You also have to make sure you have the right amplifier and the right cables for your purposes. 

If you don’t want a hassle with the cables, we have here the best wireless amplifier for you.

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