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The Best Karaoke Amplifier For a Star Performance

If you want to have the best karaoke experience possible, then being able to show off your vocal range using a quality amplifier can really make a difference. When choosing the best karaoke amplifier, there are many different brands and models to choose from. It can be tough to decide which one to buy. 

Many karaoke amps have common features like a variety of audio inputs (such as SD card inputs, DVD input, video inputs, microphone inputs, USB input, and bluetooth 5.0). Some amplifiers have additional features that can be quite fun for karaoke performances (like echo effects, for example), while others make for great sound whether being used at home or at a large event. 

Below are 5 of the best karaoke amplifiers to choose from. 

5 Of The Top Karaoke Amps

There are so many amplifiers to choose between; having a lot of buying choices can make it a challenge to choose the most appealing model. When you’re looking at which one to buy, you should aim for an amp that has excellent audio quality, enough power (watts of power), and special features like digital effects that you need. 

It’s important to choose an amplifier that supports the type of mic that you have (whether wireless or corded). It has built-in speakers if you don’t want to have to buy them separately. It’s also important to check the input sources of audio that you have; check whether the amp you’re looking at buying supports that.

If you’re looking for the best karaoke amplifier, there are five options below for you to choose from. We’ve summarized a list of pros and cons for each to help make it easier for you to choose which make and model best suits your needs. 

1. Pyle 3000 Watt 4-Channel Karaoke Home Wireless Microphone Amplifier

The Pyle 3000 Watt 4-Channel Karaoke Home Wireless Microphone Amplifier can amplify music or voices, which makes it a popular choice as a karaoke mixer. It can even be used for live bands, as a work office paging system, for public announcements that need to be loud, or at live events. 

This audio stereo receiver system has a built-in CD, DVD player and a dual UHF wireless mic, MP3, and USB reader as well as an AM/FM radio and two front inputs for both mics. Each mic has its own independent volume control. There are also two RCA stereo inputs – one of which can take low level phono input from a turntable, which makes it popular with DJs. 

You can also connect via a USB flash drive, or via an aux 3.5mm input cord, Bluetooth (for wireless music streaming via your smartphone, laptop, tables or other devices), headphone jack, microphone inputs and there are RCA output jacks for your subwoofer

The front control panel has independent audio source selection buttons, a mic volume and echo control rotary knob. It also has an LED backlight that illuminates the screen that comes with a dimmer control. 

You can rack-mount this amplifier for your home theater by using a universal rack mount that has an in-built cooling fan and protects it from overloading or short circuiting. 

Two UHF wireless microphones are included, as well as the mounting brackets for the rack and a remote control. The compatible video system it uses is PAL/NTSC. 


  • 3000 Watts of power, which is way more than many competitor products
  • Includes microphones
  • Remote included
  • Dual wireless microphone 
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Expensive model compared with alternatives 
  • Sound quality is not rated as highly as some alternatives on Amazon
  • No warranty information provided; you have to contact seller directly to find out about the warranty which is a hassle and drawback


2. Pyle 300 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Amplifier

The Pyle 300 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Amplifier is a great way to boost the sound power of your entertainment system or home PA system. It has a mic and speakers control and has quick connect speaker terminals. 

It’s also compatible with Bluetooth, which makes it easy to connect to from any of your devices: a smartphone, iPhone, iPad, laptop, or PC. You can also connect via the USB port, which lets you play MP3 audio files or you can insert a SD memory card. You can connect via an AUX input or via mic input jacks.  There’s also a FM radio and an optional 12V DC power input terminal.

One unusual feature of this karaoke machine is that it has a siren alarm function that you can use in an emergency to get the attention of the crowd or to make a public announcement. There’s also an LCD display, individual volume control, LED audio output indicator lights, and different audio channels. 


  • 12V DC power input terminal option
  • FM radio
  • Connect via Aux, Bluetooth 4.0, USB flash drive, and microphone jack 
  • Emergency siren alarm function
  • Quick connect speaker terminals
  • Affordable price


  • Only 300 Watts of output, which is less than many comparative models
  • No warranty information provided – you have to contact the seller directly to find out about the warranty which is a hassle and drawback


3. SoundTown 16 Channel Wireless Microphone Karaoke Mixer System

The SoundTown 16 Channel Wireless Microphone Karaoke Mixer System is a compact, wireless microphone and karaoke mixer system that has two channels with 8 selectable Ultra-High Frequencies (UHF) on each channel. This helps to keep it interference-free (compared with a VHF system).

It has one optical input connector and one optical output connector so that you can easily connect it to your smart TV. There’s also a sound bar so that you can easily use it with your home theater or speaker system. It’s compatible with a range of home entertainment systems like the Bose Soundbar 300, 500 and 700, Bose Solo series, Sonos Beam Soundbar series, Vizio, and Samsung.

Having a microphone receiver and a sound mixer means that you can mix the microphone signal with the music; you won’t need to buy an extra mixer. 

A key benefit of this system is that it includes 2 wireless mics. If you prefer, the system can also support one wired mic, but it isn’t included. 

You can easily adjust the volume control to be as loud or soft as you like; it has a knob that you turn. You can also adjust the sound volume of the mic as well as the echo and tone.

One of the biggest annoyances that people express about karaoke machines is the popping sound that sometimes happens. This system has a built-in filter that prevents the popping sound from happening, which helps to ensure optimal sound quality. 

This system is ideal for karaoke. If you’re having a party at home, conferences and events, even weddings and other social events at schools or churches. 


  • Affordable price compared with other karaoke amplifiers
  • Wireless microphone with wired option
  • Includes 2 wireless microphones 
  • Connect your devices via Bluetooth
  • Works with smart TV
  • 16 FM radio channels
  • Echo and tone Controls
  • 100 Feet operating range
  • Compatible with television, home theater, speakers and a wide range of home audio systems


  • Sound quality ratings noted in Amazon reviews as not as good as similar products
  • No warranty information provided; you have to contact the seller directly to find out about the warranty


4. Pyle 1000W Bluetooth Home Theater Karaoke Receiver System

The Pyle 1000W Bluetooth Home Theater Karaoke Receiver is a 52 channel hi-fi home theater receiver, which you can use with your home entertainment system. It provides 1000 watts of peak power for speakers and features subwoofers which allow you to listen to quality and amplified audio. 

In line with the latest technological advancements, it has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can stream your audio files from your smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop or other device by pairing the device with the amplifier. 

This professional, integrated and high-power stereo receiver can also connect with external devices using USB, RCA or HDMI and has an audiovisual (AV) digital amp box that contains an ultra high definition TV and Blu ray video pass-through support with an RCA subwoofer output.

It also has a next-generation audio DSP sound processing technology so that you can control the echo, bass and treble levels of the microphone and adjust the volume. It also has a built-in VFD display that lets you choose between AM and FM radio. 


  • Wireless microphone 
  • Connect your devices via Bluetooth, USB, HDMI
  • FM radio channels
  • Remote control included
  • 1000 KW peak power


  • Quite expensive when compared with similar products
  • Sound quality ratings on Amazon reviews claim it’s not as good as similar products
  • No warranty information provided; you have to contact the seller directly to find out about the warranty which is a hassle and drawback


5. LZSIG Karaoke Stereo Amplifier Wireless Receiver-LAMP1

The LZSIG Karaoke Stereo Amplifier Wireless Receiver-LAMP1 is a multi-functional HIFI stereo karaoke wireless connection power amplifier receiver. It’s suitable for use in your home theater, at family gatherings, for conferences and events, or at restaurants. 

The LZSIG is designed for peak power and has a built-in microphone amp. It connects wirelessly to phones, tables, digital TVs that are within range of 32 feet. It also has a convenient remote control that can be operated as long as it’s within 16 feet of range. 

It has two 110 watt power outputs and is suitable for home audio use. It’s recommended that it be used with 5 to 8 inch (4 to 16 ohm) passive bookshelf speakers. You can adjust the left/right balance, and it can read MP3s on USB cards (up to 32 GB). You can choose between input functions with Aux, CD, DVD and projector all being options. 

If you’re using this for karaoke, then you’ll enjoy having the option of having your mic either wired or wireless with this system. 


  • Suitable for using with wired or wireless microphones
  • Audio balance adjustment
  • USB and SD card for MP3 quick file selection
  • Can be used with AUX, CD, DVD or a projector
  • Suitable for home audio and conferences
  • ECHO and volume adjustment functions
  • Remote control included 
  • FM radio mode
  • Reasonable price


  • 110 output wattage, which is less than many other comparative products
  • No warranty information provided; you have to contact the seller directly to find out about the warranty which is a hassle and drawback


FAQs About Buying The Best Karaoke Amplifier 

What is an Amplifier?

An amplifier is a type of device that is often used to increase the power of a signal or sound. They work by amplifying audio signals (for example from a radio receiver) and then drive that sound to loudspeakers or headphones. 

There are typically a variety of inputs for audio sources like CD players, or cassette players; the various tasks are performed in the process of amplification. This includes pre-amplification of the signal, equalization, mixing of different signals and adding effects. 

A karaoke amplifier is a type of amp that increases the audio output of both the music that you play and vocals of the person singing with a mic. Amps that are designed for karaoke can have additional features, like being able to play the sound from a CD, which can be useful if that’s what you’re specifically looking for. 

What Features Should I Look for When Buying a Karaoke Amplifier?

If you’re searching for the best karaoke amplifier, then you should be aware of the main features and benefits to look out for when deciding between various options.

Input Sources

Depending on where you store your music, you may have a different preference for a particular type of amp as not all have the same input sources. For example, if all of your music is stored on CD and you want to play the audio files for karaoke from those, then you will need to look for an amp that specifically has CDs as an input source. 

Recording Function

Some karaoke amps can let you record and play back the best karaoke songs you’ve sung which can be a great function to have, particularly if you want to improve your performances. 

Equalizer Functions

All amps vary in terms of how much control you have over the equalizer; usually the more expensive ones allow you more control over the tone. 

Price Range

You’ll need to find an amp that suits your budget. Some can be very expensive while others are far more affordable, so there’s an option to suit everyone.

Compatibility With Speakers

If you already have speakers that you plan to use with the amplifier, then it’s important to check that they are compatible. Otherwise, you could find that you have to buy new speakers which would be an extra cost. 

Microphones Included Or Not

Some amplifiers include microphones for karaoke performance purposes, while others don’t. Having to purchase a compatible microphone can be an extra hassle and cost, so consider what suits you best. 

Sound Quality

Sound quality may be particularly important if you are planning to use an amp for public performances or for events and conferences. You can tell quite a bit about the sound quality of the various amp options by looking at feedback from customer reviews. 

Customer Feedback

Reading what customers have to say about brands and products can be quite helpful when making a decision about which product to buy. Websites like Amazon allow customers to give feedback and reviews which can be helpful to prospective buyers.

Brand Reputation

When buying digital devices like amplifiers, it’s also worth looking at the brand’s reputation to get a sense of how reliable your product is likely to be, and how customer service requests are dealt with.

Wireless Mic Or Wired Mic

Some amplifiers only connect to microphones with cables, while others have wireless mics; some offer both options. If you have a specific preference, then this is a feature worth checking before you buy.  

Distortion, Feedback And Interference Canceling

Some amps can eliminate distortion, feedback and interference which provides better quality audio. If this is important to you, then be sure to confirm this detail.


As with all products, some manufacturers provide a comprehensive extended warranty that lasts quite a while, while others have more limited warranties (e.g. a one-year warranty). Some brands will offer none. You may even have to specifically request the warranty up front before making your purchase. 

If warranties are important to you (particularly when making an expensive purchase), then make sure you buy a product with a warranty that suits your needs. 

Final Thoughts On Buying The Best Amplifier for Karaoke 

There are many different types of amplifiers that you can buy to use with your karaoke machine to give you the best karaoke experience. This type of audio equipment comes in a range of different brands and models, each with different features. We’ve curated a list of 5 of the top options to help you choose the best karaoke amplifier. 

When deciding between the various options, consider the input sources you prefer and need, any special features that would be nice to have (eg a recording function, sound effects), the price range and your budget, whether its compatible with your existing speakers or systems, customer feedback, brand reputation, sound quality and the warranty that’s included. Considering these factors can help you make a more informed decision. 

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